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Abigail - Citizen Activist

Since her ANC2B service, Abigail is active in the neighborhood, particularly in alcohol regulation and good government [public financing of DC elections and rank-choice voting].   For ANC2B actions, contact  commissioner Randy Downs  randy.downs@dupontcircleanc.net

Events  2017

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Aug 8.  ANC2B monthly meeting, Johns Hopkins,  1717  Mass Ave.Suite 500   dupontcircleanc.net.

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Kimpton Hotels is launching a new partnership with Shop Made in DC, at 1330 19th St, retail incubator showcasing local makers and their goods a selection of over 100 products made solely in the District. Shop Made will roll out programming at each of Kimpton’s 10 [DC] boutique hotels. [Popville, Jul 27]

Jul 15. Robbery (Snatch) at 0445 hrs at 18th & Massachusetts Ave

Jul 13 Robbery at 0129 hrs in the 1400 block of K Street

Free customer Wi-Fi in all underground stations;  log-in to“Metro-Public” network

Jul 11, 2018. DCCA appeared before the ABC Board in protest of a substantial change application by Duke’s Grocery for extended outdoor cafe hours on public space. Duke’s is a much-liked and responsible business but any increase in hours for Duke’s sidewalk cafe would have to be granted to others who might reasonably request same. Since the ANC’s adoption of standard closing hours for outdoor cafes (11pm on weeknights and midnight on weekends), peace has prevailed on a street with a history of contentiousness. Residents who find the noise excessive now endure it without resorting to enforcement because they know it will reliably die down at the agreed-to hour. Our thanks and appreciation to 17th Street businesses who have abided by the compromise for more than 20 years. A decision is expected within 90 days.  [DCCA]

Jul 8. Robbery (Snatch) at 0321 hrs in the 1200 block of Connecticut Ave

Jul 1.  Robbery (Snatch) at 0405 hrs in the 1300 block of 18th St,

Jun 18. Shooting in the 1100 block of 17th St 

Jun 6. Mayor Bowser celebrated the start of a renovation that will transform the historic Franklin School into Planet Word – a museum dedicated to the power and fun of words and language. [Popville]  Like, so cool. 

Jun 6. DDOT closing one northbound lane of traffic on Connecticut Ave NW from L Street to M Street. Two lanes will remain open to traffic at all times. for the installation of a temporary WMATA cooling tower for the Farragut North and Dupont Circle Metro stations.  

NOTORIOUS RBG: new Ruth Bader Ginsburg biopic follows the life and work of the Supreme Court Justice, with kudos for late husband Marty. E Streeet Cinema.

May 26. Robbery at 1931 hrs in the 1400 block of K St 

May 24  Metro says it will keep its shorter late-night hours for at least another year,  has the shortest hours of any similar rail system in the US.  [Stephen Repetski, Greater Greater Washington]

 May 21 DDOT) is considering adding protected bikeways north of Dupont Circle on Connecticut Avenue. The initial phase would end at California Street.  [Greater Greater Washington]

May 20.  Robbery[Gun] at 1919 hrs in the 2000 block of Pennsylvania Avenue

May 16 To ease traffic congestion, a group of local business leaders is calling for more toll lanes on highways from Richmond to Baltimore.  [Linnea Champ,  Greater Greater Washington] 

May 14. housing affordability all the time. It is also a driving force in Matthew Desmond’s bestselling book, Evicted. Join us this summer for our GGWash book club [ Joanne Tang, Greater Greater Washington]   

April 27. Robbery Snatch at 1413 hrs in the N St & Connecticut Ave NW

Apr 1. Stabbing at 0031 hrs at Vermont and L Street  

Mar 15.  Staples at 19th & L closing Apr 6.

Mar 15. Robbery Force & Violence at 2147 hrs in 900 block of 15th St 

Mar 13. Robbery (Force & Violence) at 1451 hrs at 16th St and Church St NW

Mar 12. Robbery Fear in the 1700 block of K Street 

Feb 14.  Developers briefed  ANC 2B on its plans for the proposed “Penelope Hotel” at 1337 Conn Avenue.  The space currently hosts “The Gryphon” bar and restaurant. outside work starts April.

Dec 4. “ANCs 2A, 2B, 2E, and 2F announce a new website for the upcoming town hall on the DDOT dockless bikeshare demonstration program.

Dec 1. Brueggers Bagel employee claims chain is closing DC shops permanently after acquisition by Caribou Coffee.

Nov 8. Abigail spoke to the ANC2B about the commission's recent  preempting the neighbors' nightclub protests by settling on less favorable terms to the residents. She noted that the President of the Alcohol Beverage Control Board said in open session that he expected the residents to be assisted and represented by their single district ANC commissioner and that the whole commission would not make any settlement before the residents could present their case to the whole commission. Abigail recommended that the alcohol policy committee be restarted.

Nov 3. Short Articles about Long Meetings author David Mcauley is welcomed back to the area with presence on Popville blog.

Nov 1. Marriott is bringing the Millennial-targeted brand to  219-room hotel at the former Smith & Wollensky restaurant site on 19th Street”  [popville]

Oct 19. Shop Made In DC, a new brick and mortar store and café stocked exclusively with DC brands and concepts 1330 19th Street

Oct 18. Demo/Reno to begin at old Whitman Walker space 14th & Riggs for  Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center as a commercial investment by Whitman-Walker.  [Popville]

Oct 6.  DC bike planners are considering a two-way protected bikeway on 17th Street NW in the Dupont Circle neighborhood and farther south, btw Mass Ave and NH Ave. [David Alpert]   ANC2B wants it; DDOT says "can do."

New No Parking Zone from Oct 19. part-time pick up and drop off Club Central zone with No Parking from 10 pm Thursday night through 7 am Sunday morning on Connecticut Avenue NW from Rhode Island to DuPont Circle, and 18th St from M to N. 
Oct 2.  Residents' protest of alcohol license for Rewind American Diner pre-empted by Settlement Agreement by ANC2B executed by 2B05 Commissioner Downs. 

Oct 2.  Rosebar night club agreed to improve its sound suppression on the outdoor patio to where Palladium could not hear it.  

Sep 27.  Booted on a technicality.  The ABC Board ruled that the CEO of the Tabard Inn was not a qualified substitute representative of the General Manager of the inn who signed our alcohol protest petition. All other petition signers were busy, and the system has only two tiny windows for five signers to present their faces.  Thus eliminating the Group of Five from standing, which would not have mattered anyway since the ANC2B preempted the protesters by signing its own Settlement Agreement with the business. Without standing, we do not legally exist.  Alcohol biz wins politically by neutering the bothersome resident protests.  CEO Fritzi Cohen gave them an earful on paying city taxes and business organization for command.

Sep 20  three private, dockless bikeshare companies launched in DC: Mobike, LimeBike, and Spin. A fourth, Jump, is launching Monday with electric-assist bikes.  [David Alpert (GGW)]

Sep 18.  GWU Hospital wants a helipad, but it requires DC Council legislation to amend a 1987 law which prohibits helipads in residential areas. Right now, the Council is looking to the Foggy Bottom/West End Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC 2A) for input on the proposed helipad. [Eve Zhurbinskiy (GGW)

16th St Bus Lanes Project seeks public input.  http://www.16thstreetnwbus.com/public-engagement/

DC explores Night Mayor.  GGW reports: In cities around the world, Night Mayors have emerged as the stewards of cultural experiences that aren't tied to usual daytime activity. And with rising costs affecting everything from artist spaces and music venues, someone who's sole focus is managing the evening realm is seen as a benefit to not only culture, but even those who live downtown and wish to sleep.  Already going in Pittsburgh, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale,Iowa City.  See: http://www.governing.com/topics/urban/gov-night-mayor-economy-america.html  ..

A note on natural market limits:  GGW reports that in line with a 10% annual failure rate of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, a large uptick in closings across the [DC] board in 2015-2016 potentially signals oversaturation of the market, suggesting that the District’s nightlife and restaurant boom could be coming to an end.  We have noted some churn in Club Central but every vacating space still seems to attract hopeful nightlife. https://ggwash.org/view/64441/dc-nightlife-is-booming-but-not-necessarily-for-much-longer

Late night music noise rising again. ABRA's continued avoidance of enforcing late night music from Club Central puts the burden on residents to hunt down every disturbance and make an individual complaint against a specific club. It's time again to re-direct ABRA's attention with meetings and testimony at ABRA oversight hearings befoere DC Council.  It would help if residents disturbed by the music complain to our Council Member Jack Evans.

More potential noise makers in Club Central.  Decades, which replaced Midtown, wants a street level nightclub with sidewalk service below its present club.  City Tap House wants a street level restaurant with sidewalk table service in the STK space at N and Conn. Both present the risk of a late night noise source from alcohol drinkers in an already noisy neighborhood. The Palladium and Jefferson Row condos and the Tabard Inn hotel filed license protests by a group of five or more.

Aug 16.  Noise suppression deal.  The Hampton Inn 1700 block H St agreed with the Garden of Eden nightclub 1700 block I Street on the club's suppression of its late night amplified music noise.  Which had cost the hotel $100,000 the previous year in rebates to disturbed guests. Abigail was appointed as an ANC2B representative for a protest of the club's license. With no settlement agreement reached by protest date, the ABC Board heard the case. The club offered that it was in business before the hotel and that the ANC had no jurisdiction for commercial disputes. After Abigail countered those arguments, the Board Chair inquired, without ruling on the challenges, whether a voluntary agreement could now be reached. After some discussion, the hotel agreed to accept the present music amplification level if it was codified in the license and that the club agreed to keep discussion line open on the question.  The hotel has found that an informal agreement after a joint noise test on May 6 has lowered its rebate frequency to a tolerable financial level.

May 29.  Construction ongoing at St Thomas church rebuild. 

Money for Stead Park, 1625 P St. NW, the mayor’s April budget proposal allocated $1 million for designing an expansion of the rec center in fiscal year 2020; $7 million to begin construction in 2021; and $3 million for final construction in 2022. But the park’s friends group and other neighborhood leaders urged the council earlier this month to fast-track those funds. Advocates say the dilapidated, cramped structure doesn’t have room for community meetings or family-friendly events, and it hasn’t been renovated in more than a decade. [Dupont Current, May 24]

May 22.  our house was burgled early this morning, 14th St between Taylor & Upshur. The man just walked in the front door (forcing the lock with a pocket knife) walked into our home and took a laptop. Our dog barked and woke me up, but I didn’t realize anything was missing till 2 hours later. ...  we miraculously recovered the laptop 4 hours after the burglary via the ‘find my mac’ feature.  [Popville, May 22, 17]

May 20. WashPo published Abigail's letter to the editor concerning a story about Chris Otten's helping DC residents:  Thank goodness for the Chris Ottens of the District. Few residents have the stamina required to fight the dismissal of their concerns by the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. Whether it is nightlife noise, seemingly continuous construction or overdevelopment that diminishes their quality of life, the residents I work with generally lose when they expend time and money to ask the D.C. government to implement the plain language of the law. 

May 8  DC Library Express opens with Adult Literacy Resource Center, the Center for Accessibility and a small browsing collection of books and public access computers. Temporary services until MLK re-opens.

See News Archive for older News stories.  

St Thomas Church Re-build

Feb 20, 2017. construction began

May 13, 2016. Abigail voted with the ANC2B majority that the revised concept still does not meet ANC's criteria.

Apr 1. The D.C. Historic Preservation Review Board approved concept plans for a newly designed and rebuilt [St Thomas] church facing 18th Street, attached to a new residential building on Church Street, with the current parish housenext door also converted into housing.   [Elizabeth Wiener, Dupont Current]
Mar 11, 2015.  ANC2B conditionally OK'd a design for both a proposed new St Thomas Church at the corner of 18th and Church Streets and a condo building which together would fill the present park and church hall space.  The case goes again to the Historic Preservation Board.  Whatever its architectural merits, it proposes a massive override of a quiet green park.
Longer discussion by Dave McAuley.

Oct 2, 2014. Abigail memo to Jack Evans to delay HPRB hearing on St Thomas Church.  Evans's reply: I plan to convene a group of neighbors on Church and P Streets, representatives from the church, the development team and the ANC to continue strong community dialogue to refine the plans for any development. ...  Unfortunately, it’s not possible for the District to purchase the park land.

Sep 29. Proposal for Eleanor Roosevelt Trail with park at 18th and Church Streets by Sarah Peck

Sep 24 Abigail letter to the editor in Dupont Current: 

A win-win for church and city in Dupont.  St. Thomas’ Parish in Dupont Circle has waited 40 years to replace its Gothic church that burned in 1970. Selling land would finance a new church to house its growing, vibrant congregation. But a proposed condominium raises community fears of congestion, loss of historic ruins and incompatibility with its neighborhood. A new round of government reviews begins Sept. 29 with a special meeting of the Dupont Circle advisory neighborhood commission.   But must there be a condominium? St. Thomas’ wants a church. The community wants a church and park, but not a church and condominium. And other new housing nearby is already increasing demands on infrastructure,  including a need for parks.  What if we could gather enough public and/or private money to rebuild the church and preserve a park? St. Thomas’ could use the park for weddings and children’s play, and the community could continue to enjoy the beautiful, restful stopping place that St. Thomas’ has generously provided for 40 years. A statue of former parishioner Eleanor Roosevelt could inspire us to take up her advocacy of human and community building. The park already draws visitors from beyond the immediate area.  As a friend of St. Thomas’ since 1983 and an advisory neighborhood commissioner in Dupont Circle, I seek a win-win where the  church is satisfied and the community saves rare open space in Dupont Circle.   

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Eat, Drink, Enjoy

Newly open:

Super Pollo Peruvian Chicken 1327 Conn Ave

 Rewind Modern American Diner, 1219 Conn Ave in and by the Decades night club

Crown & Crow bar 1317 14th St 

Joe & the Juice 17th & L St

Blue Bottle Coffee 1471 P St  

Sign of the Whale returns 1825 M St

Magnolia Q st & Conn Ave

Compass Coffee 1776 I St 

Joe & The Juice:  15th & K 

Luke's Lobster 800 17th St

Taqueria Local,  1627 K St

WAWA 1111 19th St 

 Zen Taco 1747 Penn Ave

Naan & Beyond  1025 Vermont

Le DeSales, DeSales St

& Pizza  re-open 1215-18th St

Five Guys 1140 19th St,

Swings Coffee re-open 1724 G St

Alhambra restaurant in St Regis Hotel 923 16th St 

Tulips 1207 19th St

Taylor Gourmet 888 17th St

Danielle's Desserts   1130 Conn Ave

City Tap House restaurant, Conn Ave at N St

Lil’ B Coffee Eatery in Darcy hotel, Scott Circle 

Honeyfish Poke 14th & K. 

Bombay Express in the former House of Kabob space  1339 M Street

Chicken & Whiskey  1738 14th St South American rotisserie chicken

Halal Guys 1331 Connecticut.

Siren by Robert Wiedmaier within The Darcy Hotel, 1515 Rhode Island

Mirabelle 16th & I St contemporary celebration of American and French, in building replacing brutalist church.

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Future feasts

Soho Cafe & Market K St 1900 block

Leziz Turkish Cafe & Restaurant 2016 P Street

Flagship Milk Bar 15th & Church St

Britain’s Leon “Naturally Fast Food" coming to 1801 L Street

Philz Coffee  1350 Connecticut in former Cosi space late summer

Astoria restaurant 1521 17th St

Sweetgreen  1451 P St.

Poki District coming to 1895 L St, NW (and 1399 New York Ave, NW)

The Rabbit Hole  18th St at Jefferson Place, new Tavern featuring Asian-style street food

Pisco Y Nazca Gastro Bar 1823 L St  Peruvian

Daily Pizza & Kabob 1829 M St former space of Bombay Express:

Another Duke's Grocery at 20th & Penn Ave in late 2018

BNB Sports Bar, 1331 Connecticut formerly Kababji.

Philips Seafood into Tortilla Coast space, 15th & P.

Pleasant Pops 73115th St closing Jul 30

Parlay Sports Bar & Lounge  1827 M closing

Black Rooster pub 1919 L closing.

AuBonPain 1801 L St closed after merger w/ Panera

Stonefish Grill (to TBD) and Naan and Beyond (to L & Vermont) moved from 15th & L for building demolition

DGS 1315 Conn Ave closed Feb 11 named in top 100 best DC in first year

Chickery closed 1300 Conn Ave

Veloce Pizza ;  closed 1828 L St

Capriotti's Sandwiches CLOSED 1800 M StJoe Biden helped open it.

Red Apron Burger Bar 1323 Conn shut down and relaunched at EatBar on Barracks Row.

Rural Society, the Argentine steakhouse within the Loews Madison [now a Hilton], closed permanently

For the breakfast eaters.  From Aparna Krishnamoorthyin or next to 2B05:  Luna Grille, Trio, Java House, Beacon Bar & Grill, Tabard Inn (upscale), sandwich breakfast at Bub and Pop’s 1815 M Street.  Also in residential places with good reviews:  The Federalist, The Jefferson (upscale), City Place Cafe.  e-mail Abigail with any great discovery. 

Good neighbors. Restaurants on Conn Ave that respected their backdoor 18th St neighbors' right to reasonable quiet by restraining their night outdoor operation: Luna Grille, DGS Deli, Mad Hatter

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Call the Police!   911 ■ Fires ■ Medical emergencies ■ Crimes in progress or that just occurred ■ Serious crimes, regardless of when they occurred, including bur - glaries, stolen autos, robberies/muggings and assaults ■ Cases with the potential for identity theft, including theft of a wallet that includes a credit or debit card, checkbook or personal information ■ Suspicious people or activities ■ Traffic accidents

311 ■ Minor property crimes, such as thefts and car break-ins, unless the incident is in progress or just occurred ■ Lost or found property valued at $5,000 or less ■ Noise complaints ■ Questions about emergency services ■ Non-emergency city service requests mpdc.dc.gov ■ Lost property  ■ Lost vehicle tags ■ Thefts and car break-ins ■ Destruction of property ■ Damage to property ■ Use only when you’re certain no police follow-up is needed

Police watch commanders  ■ 24/7 hotline to reach a supervisor in a particular police district with an urgent complaint regarding police services received  ■ 1st District, 202-437-7632  ■ 2nd District, 202-438-4421  ■ 3rd District, 202-276-7462 ■ 4th District, 202-391-7177
More MPD non-emergency contact information on the department’s website, mpdc.dc.gov

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Crime Scene

Thieves never quit. an alert that the copper downspout thieves are out there and active again.  If you see anyone on a ladder, or by a house removing downspouts, make a note of any details (license numbers, clothing) and call 911.DO NOT CONFRONT THEM.

If your car gets bumped from behind - beware of a scam that steals your car IF they can drive it. What to do ----  Take Your Keys and Lock Your Doors.  If the bumpers than skedaddle, try to get the license number. Do not confront them. If in any doubt, call 911. [police reminder from PoPville]

The Dupont/Logan smash-and-grab crime wave culprit got a 36-month sentence after forty arrests.  

Police Lt Porter  at ANC2B meeting warned that bike thefts are endemic, and that the MPD has about 200 unclaimed recovered stolen bikes. Likewise theft from auto is common and warned to keep interior clear of anything that looks valuable. He also urged that "if you see anything, call the police immediately".

Street Crime. Occasional robberies, some with violence, mostly after dark in commercial parts of ANC2B and West End. Get instant e-mail police reports from DCAlert.   Some tips on avoiding crime  travel with others in lighted areas and don't display anything worth grabbing.

my advice is (A) not sit down on a bench while waiting for a metro. By the time I had stood up and grabbed all my grocery bags, the teenagers already had a 45 second lead on me; and (B) don’t check your iPhone while on the metro platform. [cellphone snatch victim on Metro platform on PoPville]

Crime is falling. Some crimes have all but died out. Last year there were just 69 armed robberies of banks, building societies and post offices in England and Wales, compared with 500 a year in the 1990s. In 1990 some 147,000 cars were stolen in New York. Last year fewer than 10,000 were. [The Economist, Jul 19, 2013]

Street Crime Incidents:


Jan 11. Armed robbery of 7-11 store in 1600 block Conn Ave  ----2018 //2017  -----  Dec 1. Active shooter report 1400 blk I St  unconfirmed by police. ;   Nov  26. Shooting Dupont Cir & Mass Ave, 1AM; one victim;   Nov 25. Robbery  1100 block of Vermont Avenue  11AM. ;   Nov 19.  Shooting at 18th & M St, 2AM ;   Nov 17 assault with a dangerous weapon 1300-1699 block, Conn Ave.; 10: PM Nov 14. Robbery  1300 block 14th St, 3 PM      Nov 7.  Sexual abuse 1200 block, 18th St.; 9:18 p.m.  ;  Nov 4. Robbery 1200 block, 14th St.; 5:27 a.m ;  Oct 31 Robbery Force & Violence at 2158 hrs at 21st and N Street   Oct 30  [Robbery Snatch] at [2030] hrs at 14th & N Street    Oct 30  Robbery  1200 block, 14th St.; 9:34 p.m.   Oct 29  Assault with a dangerous weapon 1300 block, Connecticut Ave.; 2:06 a.m.   Oct 27 Robbery 1700 block, Church St.; 9:37 p.m. Oct. 27 (with knife)   Oct 24  Assault with a dangerous weapon 1800  block, M St.; 4:52 p.m.  Oct 23 Assault with a dangerous weapon 1400 block, Rhode Island Ave.; 4:52 p.m.     Oct 10 Robbery 1400 block, 14th St.; 6:19 a.m. ;   Oct 4. Robbery of Establishment at 1320 hrs, 800 block of 17th St.;  Sep 30. Robbery at 1952 hrs in the 1400 block of I Street;   Sept 17. Robbery at 0338 HRS in the 1700 block of N ST   Sep 12.  Robbery 1500  block, Rhode Island Ave.; 6:25 p.m.    Sep 10.  Assault with a dangerous weapon  1200 blk 16th St.; 2:30 a.m.  Sept 4.  Unarmed Carjacking at 2305 hrs in the 2300 block of I St   Sep 3.   Assault with a dangerous weapon (knife) 1200 block, Conn Ave.; 4:15 a.m.  Aug 24, 2017.  Armed Car Jacking at 0522 hrs in the 1700 block of 19th Street NW.  Aug 20.  Robbery 1300-1699 block, Connecticut Ave.; 5 a.m.  Aug 7. Robbery Snatch at 0010 hrs in the 1100 block of 15th St  Aug 5. Robbery Force & Violence at 0430 hrs in the 1400 block of 14th St  Aug 3.  Robbery in the 1100 Block of Connecticut Ave.  Aug 2. Robbery/Gun at 0528 hrs in the 1400 block of N. Street NW    Jul 21. Attempt Robbery 800 blk of Connecticut Ave;    Jul 14. Robbery Hold Up Gun 1800 block of R St, 1AM;     Jun 10 Robbery Snatch 1600 block of 18th Street, 4AM; May 15 Robbery  900 block, 17th St.; 10:29 p.m. (with gun).   May 14 Assault with a dangerous weapon 1200 block, Connecticut Ave.; 4:07 a.m. (with knife);  Apr 30  Assault with a dangerous weapon 1100 block, Vermont Ave.; 1:32 p.m; April 29  Robbery 1200 block, Connecticut Ave.; 4:26 a.m.; April 29  Robbery 1300-1699 block, Connecticut Ave.; 4:56 a.m;  Apr 25  Assault with a dangerous weapon 1400 block, P St.; 8:16 p.m.  (with knife); Apr 23 1600-1699 block, Q St.; 5 a.m. (with gun);  April 22 Burglary 1500 block, Q St.; 2:24 p.m.; Mar 24  Assault with a dangerous weapon Scott Circle; 8:28 a.m. (with knife);     /////Dec 18. Assault with a dangerous weapon (knife) 1800 block, Mass Ave. 5:12 a.m;  Dec 5 robbery 1200 block 18th St, 2 PM; Nov 19.  Robbery 1700 blk P St 8:38 AM.;  Nov 12.  Robbery at 2158 hrs in the 1300 block of 14th Street, NW;  Oct 30. Assault with a dangerous weapon  1200 block, Conn Ave 4:15 a.m;  .Oct 16 Robbery 1200 block, 18th St. 4 AM;   Oct 11  Robbery force & violence 19th & N Streets 8:30 PM;  Oct 7 Stabbing 1400 blk N Street   2:15PM;  Oct 7 Assault with a dangerous weapon 1400 block, N St.; 5 PM ; Burglary at 0212 hrs in the 1500 block of Mass Ave NW;  Sep 15 Burglary 1222 block, 17th St.  9AM;  Sep 15 Burglary 1500 block, Q St. 3 PM;  Sep 10 Assault with a gun 1300 block, Connecticut Ave. 5AM; .Sep 8. Burglary 1600 block, Q St.; 8 AM;  Sep 2  Robbery 1-7 block, Dupont Circle;  5:16 a.m;  Aug 21. Assault with a dangerous weapon 1000 block Connecticut Ave 10 PM; Aug 18 Motor vehicle theft  1500 block, 16th St. 9 PM;  Aug 17 Motor vehicle theft 1700 block, Rhode Island Ave.; 8 PM;  Aug 13.  Robbery 1600 block, Rhode Island Ave. 6: AM;. Jul 31. Assault with dangerous weapon 1200 block Conn Ave  4AM;  Jul 28  Robbery 1400 block, K St.  9 AM; .Jul 9 Robbery (w knife) 1500 block, P St. 12:10 AM;   Jun 25 Assault with a dangerous  weapon 1200 block, 18th St. 1AM;  Jun 21 Robbery (w gun)  1400 block, 17th St.  6 AM;   Jun 19 Burglary 1500 block, Rhode Island Ave. 9 AM; Jun 18 Assault with a dangerous weapon  1200 block, Connecticut Ave.; 4 AM;  Jun 15 Burglary 1500 block, Rhode Island Ave. 1 AM;. Jun 13 robbery  1400 block, P St  2PM ;  Jun 11. Robbery at 2105 hrs in the 1400 block of K st NW;   Jun 3 burglary  1600 block, Rhode Island Ave. 4 AM;   May 24  robbery  1400 block, P St.  7 PM; . May17. Robbery Hold Up Gun  9:45 AM,1000 block of G Street, NW, nr MLK Library;  May 16 Assault with a dangerous weapon (knife) 1800block, M St.  3 AM;   May 15 Assault with a dangerous weapon (knife) 1700 block, L St.; 8AM; May 5. Confirmed Robbery 0246 hrs in the 1700 block of H Street NW.;   Apr 14 Robbery 1300 block, 15th St.  6AM;  burglary 1700block, N St., 11PM; Apr 13 Robbery (gun) 1500-block, Rhode Island Ave.; 2AM;  Apr 13 Burglary 1700, N St. 5AM;  Apr 12.  Robbery Gun, 2249 hours, 1500 block of Rhode Island Avenue;   Apr 11 Burglary 1500 block, 17th St.  9AM;. Apr 7. Robbery Force 8:25 PM 1700 block of Church St NW; Apr 3 Robbery 1700 block, Mass Ave. 1 AM;  Apr 3 Burglary  1000 block, 16th St.  10 PM; Apr 3 Robbery (gun) 1600 block, K St. 11 AM;  Apr 2. Robbery F&V  2253 hrs 1700 block of Mass Ave NW'  Apr 1 Robbery 1600 block, K St. 10 AM;  Mar 19 Motor vehicle theft  900 block, 17th St.  8 AM;    Mar 18 auto theft 1600 block, Rhode Island Ave. 6 PM;  Mar 16 Burglary 1500 block, 17th St.  2PM;   Mar 14 Motor vehicle theft 1200-1221 block, 17th St.  2PM;   Mar 13 Assault with a dangerous weapon (gun) 1700 block, Rhode Island Ave. 6 AM; Mar 4 Assault with a dangerous weapon  1800 block, N St.  noon;   Feb 20 Motor vehicle theft  1200 block, 15th St.  11PM;  Feb 17 assault w dangerous weapon  1100-1199 block, 15th St. 6AM;  Feb 16  robbery (of establishment) 1600blk of K St 8PM;  Jan 29 Assault with a dangerous weapon (knife) 1300block, Connecticut Ave.10 PM; Jan 28  Assault with a dangerous weapon (knife) 1700 block, Rhode Island Ave. 3 AM; Jan 26  Robbery (gun) 1600 block, Massachusetts Ave.noon; Jan 24 burglary 1500 blk M Street  3AM;  Jan 21 burglary 1700 blk N Street  10 AM and noon ; Jan 19 burglary 1700 blk N Street  3AM;   Jan 15 Burglary 1100 block, 16th St. 10 AM;  Jan 11 Assault with a dangerous weapon (knife) 1200 block, 18th St.  10 PM;  Jan 1 Assault with a dangerous  weapon 1218 block, Connecticut Ave.5 AM

See Crime Archive for older crime stories.

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Alcohol Moratoriums

Aug 2017.  East Dupont moratorium expired Aug 15.  ABC Board public hearing Sep 20 on possible renewal.

May 1, 2015.  Study committee for West Dupont moratorium extension recommends ending the moratorium.  ANC2B to decide its position on May 13.

Nov 20, 2014. The ABC Board voted to renew the East Dupont Circle Moratorium for a three-year period with significant modifications, as recommended by ANC2B. It ended the licensing cap on restaurants, multipurpose facilities, and off-premise retailers. It continued to allow the issuance of two licenses to taverns; prohibit the licensing of any nightclubs; and exempt hotels. Board Decision.

Abigail testified in writing to the ABC Board Oct 24 hearing on a 120 day extension of the East Dupont moratorium, arguing for time to collect and analyze pertinent business data.

ABC Board accepted the DCCA request for a 120 day extension of the 17th St moratorium and scheduled a public hearing for Oct 24, 9:30-11:30 at Reeves Bldg. Submit request to speak and written testimony by COB Oct 18. 

Go, go, U Street, you never had it so good, explained ABC Board Member Mike Silverstein, in denying the moratorium petition by Shaw Dupont Citizens Alliance in a 4-0 vote.  In legal language the  complaints of the neighbors for peace, order, and quiet did not rise to the standard for a moratorium for over-concentration of alcohol licenses. The dominant influence was the legal requirement that the Board give great weight to the opinion of the affected ANCs (1B, 2B, 2F, and 6E) who cumulatively voted 28-1 against the petition. Silverstein told the history of U Street rising from destruction after the  riots to the opening of the Metro station to a lively prosperous strip of high and rising property values. The Board’s complete 31-page opinion.

Aug 14. ANC2B voted 4-4 (with the Chair's vote deciding) to adopt a resolution that recommends that the ABC Board retain a modified 17th Street moratorium for three years that removes any restriction on restaurants.  It was free market champions against neighborhood guardians. Abigail voted for the resolution after her two alternative proposals were defeated 7-1. The next and final decision is the ABC Board hearing followed by an order at a future date.

Aug 14. Abigail introduced two proposals for dealing with the expiration of the East Dupont alcohol moratorium. First, petition the ABC Board for an emergency extension of 90 days for further study of the pertinent facts and build a consensus.   Second, a work plan for further data collection.  Considered a good thing to do but not urgent enough to delay the main vote.  She further proposed development of guidelines for future ANC2B policy on new and changing licences.

May 22. Borderstan. The ABC Board heard about 30 testimonies from residents, groups, ANCs, and alcohol businesses on the proposed 14th & U Streets moratorium. A fair report by Dave McAuley.

ANC2B voted 6-1 against the proposed 14th & U Moratorium, May 8, with Abigail voting for. That makes all four affected ANCs voting against it even though three Citizens Associations voted for it. 

See more on the moratoriums: rules, history, and coming events.

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Bicycles, bicycles

Sep 20, 2017  three private, dockless bikeshare companies launched in DC: Mobike, LimeBike, and Spin. A fourth, Jump, is launching Monday with electric-assist bikes.  [David Alpert (GGW)]  

May 2017  DDOT Bicycle Program Specialist Mike Goodno says plans to improve 15th St from E St to NY Ave maybe by summer. Restripe the faded pavement markings; Move the existing “Stop for Peds” pavement markings farther away from the crosswalks; Remove a flex post in both directions near each crosswalk and replace with a “Stop for Pedestrians” pylon;  targeted traffic safety enforcement.  [Greater Greater Washington, May 10]    

May 5, 2016.  In late April, Dutch cycling experts met with DC area planners, engineers, and feds to look at cycling conditions in the West End neighborhood. They all teamed up to draft a plan that would build connections to trails and add new segments of on-street bikeways, all with the goal of creating a safe, easy-to-use cycling network. [Tracy Low, Greater Grater Washington]

Oct 21, 2014. councilmember Jim Graham wants to make it illegal to ride a bicycle or ride a Segway on the sidewalk along roads when there is a bike lane going in the same direction, except for children 12 years and under.   [David Alpert, GrGrWash]

REMINDER: no bikes on sidewalks S of Mass Ave. must use bike lane on bike lane streets.

A new study in Portland finds that 94% of bicyclists stop at red lights there.   A 2012 analysis of DC cycletracks found 60% of riders stopped at red lights on the 15th Street cycletrack.   [David Alpert, Greater Greater Washington, July 1]

Don't bike to the Capitol?: It's now against the rules to park a bike at the Capitol, even on bike racks, without a permit. Capitol Police say they won't enforce the new rules against visitors, but that could change. (Roll Call) 

2014 Happy New Year
2013 Goodbye Old Year

See News Archive for older stories.

A mile in their (cycling) shoes: Starting next year, Edinburgh will require city truck drivers to take cycling lessons, to help them empathize with cyclists. London has tried the opposite approach, inviting cyclists into the cab of a truck. (Scotsman) [from Greater Greater Washington ]

Nov 19. Everywhere (almost) Capital Bike Share announced its 300th bike rack.

Close calls on L Street cycletrack: A cyclist with helmet cam catches footage of near misses on L Street cycle track, despite ample signs, barriers, and painted lanes. Will narrowing the cycle track keep vehicles out?...As Daniel Duane explains in the [New York] Times, most crashes involving a cyclist never lead to any charges or other consequences,  But studies  in Arizona, Minnesota and Hawaii suggest that drivers are at fault in more than half of cycling fatalities.  [David Alpert, Greater Greater Washington , Nov 12]  Wars over territory get ugly.

Oct 25  More bikes, more often. After a lengthy trial process, San Francisco BART will allow bikes on all its trains at all times,  after a test period public support was quite high. Crowding did not get worse, and 79 percent of riders wanted to see the ban lifted entirely.[Dave Edmonson, Greater Greater Washington]

Sep 18 "Zebras" get go-ahead for Pennsylvania Ave bike lanes. Drivers making illegal U-turns on Pennsylvania Avenue are a danger to cyclists in the bike lanes, but a small physical barrier called a Zebra (a striped hump) could stop them once and for all.

Capital Bike Rentals  still popular and expanding, bicycle lanes still developing.   

If bike lanes are good, why not.... The Los Angeles city council recently voted to fund an initial redevelopment of Broadway into a legitimate pedestrian plaza — reducing six lanes of road down to three. [Eric Jaffe, The Atlantic Monthly]

Jul 10  A DC Council committee unanimously approved a series of bicycle safety measures, The Bicycle Safety Amendment Act, sending them to the full council. [story by Bradie Holt, Dupont Currect, Jul 10]  

Bikes and controversy on M Street. The District’s public meeting May 15 on its plans to build a protected bike lane on the north side of M Street brought out about 100 people to hear the Department of Transportation’s plans.  ... DDOT is committed to raising the percent of trips by bicycle from 1% in 2000 to 5% in 2015.  For more details, see Dave McAuley story.

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Dupont Circle World

what's DC's most livable urban address?   14th & P says Greater Greater Washington's Dan Malouff , Dec 12, 2013

Club Central. Noise and other late night rowdiness for 18th Street and Jefferson Place. See DC Nightlife Noise Coalition 

Fast cash. District collecting serious cash on K Street and New York Avenue and others from traffic speed cameras. $82M since 2011. WaPo story May 28 by Ashley Halsey

Tracking DC gov.   DC gov has two websites where citizens can find how gov is doing in a variety of areas.  track.dc.gov for the performance of various agencies and access information about budgets, spending, news, and performance indicators for siome agencies. data.dc.gov for figures for crime incidents, purchase orders, building permits, and housing code enforcement.    More details

 DMV no longer issues driver’s licenses and identification cards over the counter, instead providing 45-day paper documents and sending cards in the mail. [Dupont Current, Oct 16, 2013]

(new) Early 20th Century style: Doctor makes house calls .  home, office or hotel room,  mobile medical care and physician house call services, 24/7. Note: not an endorsement, and not a substitute for emergency care.

DDOT fills thousands of potholes during the annual post-winter Potholepalooza campaign.   Report your favorite pothole:  Call the Mayor’s Call Center at 311;  Online Service Request 311.dc.gov ; Send a tweet to twitter.com/DDOTDC ; E-mail Potholepalooza

Zoning: up for grabs  Smart growth; city is re-examining how to accomodate more residents and businesses comfortably and safely. 

Gentrification.  a marvellous uplifting of the east Dupont area, especially residences on 16th and businesses on 14th and U Streets. new eateries, retailers, condos, etc.  In other parts of the city, particularly around NoMa, building construction is so widespread that traffic crawls. ...  the Urban Land Institute found DC to be the most financially secure and rapidly growing city in the US, in a 2011 study requested by the DC Public Library Trustees, says DCCA.

Welcome to my world, says Ramon Estrada about the boom at 14th & U Sts. the development along 14th Street from Logan to Cardozo-Shaw and I tell observers that the planning for this development occurred 10-15 years ago and what they are seeing is the result of a lot of money being directed and invested in our neighborhood. Ramon was ANC Commissioner for the area and is now president of the DCCA. And lives within hearing of the pounding late night music.

How high is enough?  DC Building Height Master Plan Study. get auto e-mail     visit ncpc.gov/heightstudy.  The Committee of 100 on the Federal City (C100) fully supports the HBA the way it is and feels that any loosening of its restrictions takes us down a slippery slope.   ....  The National Capital Planning Commission and D.C. Office of Planning unveiled a few images from their modeling study of what the District would look like under various changes to the law. Pictures of the city with a 300 foot ceiling. [City Paper, Aug 2]  ....  a private organization IMBYDC condemns the study on August 14 by arguing the failure of the three governing principles of the study:  The first principle basically excludes changing much of anything. The second necessarily requires a height restriction low enough to encompass several miles of development. The third is too broad to have much meaning on its own. None were subjected to serious cost-benefit analysis before deciding that they are worthwhile principles to guide future policy in the district.

No issue is too small or too complex, we are committed to helping residents navigate through our government’s agencies and getting results in a timely, efficient and satisfactory fashion. We are results oriented and accountable to the residents directly, says Francisco “Paco” Fimbres, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Engagement (ONE).  Has anyone any stories about dealing with ONE?

Intellectual stimulation. A bounty of lectures and discussions (some with lunch) listed on LinkTank.

Legit Theater: Theater J (Q St); Source (14th St); Studio (14th St); Keegan (Church St) modernized.

Pedestrians awareness. "more people cycling, and more elderly walking,''  "both distracted driving and walking—drivers focused on their smart phones at the wheel and pedestrians doing the same on foot."  [DC pedestrians] "cited drivers running lights, speeding or failing to stop for pedestrians"  ... [for DC] More cameras are planned, and education campaigns have been directed at pedestrians and drivers, [Donna Bryson, Wall Street Journal, Jul 30]

Feb 28, 2014. Mayor Gray is planning to establish a "technology corridor" stretching from 7th Street and New York Avenue NW to Georgia Avenue and Kansas Avenue NW as part of a new "Digital DC" initiative..... includes a venture fund to provide training and resources to early-stage D.C. entrepreneurs to establish a pipeline and clustered ecosystem of tech talent near the District’s existing tech hub. [Washington City Paper]. Note: the country teems with Silicon Valley wannabes handing out tax breaks and other money to dreamy promises. But a few apps shops won't create permanent jobs.

Logan Circle Heritage Trail  1.5- mile self-guided tour of Logan Circle with 15 poster-sized signs, depict the rise, fall, and revival of the neighborhood, traces various phases of Logan Circle’s past — its Civil War camps and old churches, its intellectualism and activism, its prostitution and crime — before its evolution to today’s upscale arts district [story from Katie Pearce, Dupont Current, Jul 10]

Need to refill water bottles? find businesses that provide free tap water to anyone with a reusable container. The free TapIt Metro DC app .  more than 200 locations in the District  To download  www.mwcog.org/environment/water/cec.asp

Trees.  citywide effort for greenery. Urban Forestry Administration aiming for 40% canopy. Plant or adopt a tree

DDOT will deliver free watering bags for every young tree — planted in the last three years — adopted through the “Canopy Keepers” program. The Gatorbags wrap around the base of the trees, and volunteers must fill them with 20 to 25 gallons of water per week, which slowly drips into the soil. visit ddot. dc.gov/canopykeepers. 

Jul 17. The D.C. Council has tentatively approved a major expansion of no-smoking zones in the city to include areas within 25 feet of any playground, private or public school play area, recreation center or Metrobus stop. The only caveats are that private homeowners or tenants who live within the 25-foot limit could still smoke on their own property, and that the bill won’t cover federal parks. [from Elizabeth Wiener, Dupont Current]The Republic of India bought 1438 U St. to construct a “state-of-the-art cultural center”.

Dupont to New York. Deluxe Bus from Conn Ave at Q St.  BestBus from Mass Ave at Dupont Circle.

National Trust for Historic Preservation building, 18th & Mass, being sold to AEI, with easements to preserve the historic interior. Story in Dupont Current, Jun 5.

Dupont Forum Yahoo group.

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